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The Vineyard


Light. Earth. Water.

A fine and complex balance that Nature is always reminding us of.

If there is one thing we have learned to pay attention to since the beginning of Cantine Ariola is the ingredient.

Because if the vines represent our history and our roots, their fruit is the present that will become the future wine.

This cycle of past, present and future is carried out by the vines. Actual masterpieces of harmonious synergy of Man and Nature.

The vineyards of our estate follow the natural slope of the hills that overlook the Po Valley.

Located between 220 and 330 metres above sea level they enjoy optimal exposure to the south-west, with the sun shining on them all day long.

The clay-loam soil has a gentle and soft slope, excellent for good drainage. The pruning method is cordon spur.

The approximately 70 hectares of land are divided into typical local red and white varieties, including Lambrusco Maestri, Malvasia di Candia Aromatica, Spergola and Fortanina.

We use state-of-the-art technological systems to measure the environmental conditions and calculate the treatments required to protect the plants and fruits. Without any waste. As nature teaches us.

One of our main challenges is to preserve the aromas of the grapes as much as possible.

We pick the grapes with the utmost care and attention to leave them intact until they are pressed, then we store the juice in large vats to start slow fermentation.

The precious juice is then refined and aged in our cellars. The wine is then ready for bottling. Our process does not end here. Selecting the right bottle is also crucial: we always choose top quality.

This is the only way the wine can preserve all of its fragrances, aromas and flavours for tasting.

The area

Nestled between the rolling hills of the Parma Valley and a small stream called Ariola which flows alongside the vineyards.


South-West. The vineyards are between 220 and 300 metres above sea level, the sun shines on them all day long.


Between August and October. The grapes are harvested with the utmost care to preserve the aromas and fragrances intact until pressing.


Initially in large fermentation vats, then refined until the wine is fully aged.